MapleStory Product
MapleStory US-Scania Mesos
Product Price Character Name
1*10000 Nexon Cash11.39 USD
Store Card(1800NX) For One Who Buy More Than 500M1.5 USD
Store Card(5900NX) For One Who Buy More Than 5000M3.5 USD
MapleStory US-Scania 500 M Mesos7.65 USD
MapleStory US-Scania 800 M Mesos12.24 USD
MapleStory US-Scania 1000 M Mesos15.3 USD
MapleStory US-Scania 1500 M Mesos22.95 USD
MapleStory US-Scania 2000 M Mesos30.6 USD
MapleStory US-Scania 2500 M Mesos38.25 USD
MapleStory US-Scania 3000 M Mesos45.9 USD
MapleStory US-Scania 3500 M Mesos53.55 USD
MapleStory US-Scania 4000 M Mesos61.2 USD
MapleStory US-Scania 5000 M Mesos76.5 USD
MapleStory US-Scania 6000 M Mesos91.8 USD
MapleStory US-Scania 7000 M Mesos107.1 USD
MapleStory US-Scania 8000 M Mesos122.4 USD
MapleStory US-Scania 10000 M Mesos153 USD
MapleStory US-Scania 12000 M Mesos183.6 USD
MapleStory US-Scania 15000 M Mesos229.5 USD
MapleStory US-Scania 20000 M Mesos306 USD
MapleStory US-Scania 30000 M Mesos459 USD
MapleStory US-Scania 40000 M Mesos612 USD
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MapleStory have many server, such as MapleStory Bellocan, MapleStory Demethos-EU, MapleStory Kradia-EU, MapleStory Mardia, MapleStory Windia, MapleStory Yellonde. and so on. More Information in the following, you can also enter official website:

The story happened on the Maple Island , there is a beautiful Beautiful mushroom village, villagers living a happy life there. There are four professionals of them are respected particularly , they are Warrior, Bowman , Thief , and Magician . Every year , each of the four professional will have an excellent representative go to a island to hunt and display their superb skills.

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